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Jazz Bass Guitar Lesson - Walking bass guitar tab  Video lesson -  Walking bass line - Rhythm changes in A         Bass Tab   

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Walking Bass Lines - Rhythm changes in 12 keys 

Bass Tab Edition

Video II

The following video is provided to assist the bassist to familiarize themselves with some of the rhythmic phrases used in the jazz walking bass vocabulary.

The example is a walking bass line over Rhythm changes in the key of A  and is taken from Part 2  of Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines Book II - Rhythm changes in 12 keys Bass Tab edition.

Listen to the track and follow the sheet music, this will enable the bassist to accelerate the learning curve and incorporate the jazz rhythmic language into their playing.

It is also an excellent way to transfer the knowledge of reading bass tab to the task of learning to read music which can open many doors for the professional musician. 

Enjoy the video.

More updates to follow.



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